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The user of pages and services provided by the www.agii.gr web site (henceforth the "Site") accepts the following usage terms and conditions, which apply for all the contents of the Site. In case one does not agree with the following, one should avoid using the Site.

The User ought to abide by the rules of applicable laws and refrain from any and all illegal and unethical use of the Site.

The material and information contained on this Site is provided for general information only. The Association of Greek Institutional Investors (henceforth the "AGII") does not provide any investment advice and cannot be held accountable for any decision made by the reader that is based on the contents of this Site.

Without prejudice to third parties' copyright, the A.G.I.I. holds the copyright for all Site contents including images, graphs, photographs, designs, texts and all files in general.

Reproduction and republication of Site contents are permitted provided that the source will be mentioned, except when stated otherwise.

When prior authorization is required for reproduction or republication, this authorization invalidates the aforementioned general authorization and expressly states any usage restrictions.


The content of this Site is made available “as is”. The A.G.I.I. makes reasonable effort to ensure that information and data included in the Site are accurate and complete.

However the A.G.I.I. bears no responsibility whatsoever for any errors or omissions and reserves its right to alter the Site whenever it deems necessary, without prior notice.

The A.G.I.I. reserves the right to amend, add, or remove any or all of the pages, or content thereof, on this Site without prior notice.

The User of the Site should regularly check these usage terms for any amendments, as regular use of this Site assumes that the User of the Site accepts all such amendments hereof.

The A.G.I.I. bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages and liabilities arising out of the User's use of the Site or information contained herein.

The A.G.I.I. bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of information sent through the Site.

The Site provides access to third parties’ websites through links. These links have been placed in the Site exclusively for the User’s convenience and they are subject to corresponding usage terms. By placing these links on the Site, the A.G.I.I. does not approve or accept the content of these third parties’ websites. If the User of the Site decides to access, through links, any of the aforementioned websites, she acknowledges that it does so at her own responsibility.

The A.G.I.I. tries to keep its Site safe for Users but does not guarantee that all programs or information contained in its Site are free of destructive codes - viruses or other features that are likely to cause damage to the User's computer system. It is the sole responsibility of the User to use anti-virus software and secure his/her information and IT system.

The A.G.I.I. will not sell, in any form distribute nor make public personal data of the User of the Site to third parties non-related to the A.G.I.I. without the consent of the User of the Site, with the exception of all cases explicitly provided for in the Law.

The Site may use cookies to identify the User of certain services and web pages of the Site. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the hard disk of the User's computer and do not read any file whatsoever contained in his/her computer. They are used for statistical purposes, in order to distinguish the most useful and popular areas of the Site.

The IP address, through which the computer gains access to the net and the Site, is used solely to build up statistical data.

The user of this Site may arrange her web browser in such a way so as to be warned for the use of such cookies in certain services or in any case to block cookies. In case where the user of this Site does not wish to accept cookies, she may not be allowed to access these services.

The above terms and conditions, as well as any amendment or change thereof are governed by the Greek law. Any provision held to be contrary to the aforementioned legal framework shall be unenforceable; the remainder of this agreement shall not be affected by such holding and shall be fully enforced. The present terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the A.G.I.I. and the user of this Site. Pursuant to this agreement, all disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement are hereby submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Athens, Greece.