The Code of Conduct for Fund Management Companies (F.M.Cs)  is mandatory by law under Capital Market Commission Regulation 15/633/20.12.2012 and aims at the protection of the integrity of the market, the establishment of rules dealing with conflicts of interests and the development of efficient capital markets, as well as ensuring that the conduct of business is effected solely in the interest of investors.

Main rules of the Code of Conduct seek to ensure that:

  • F.M.Cs and P.I.Cs act in honesty and lawfully in their business undertakings in the interest of collective and discretionary portfolios under management and of the integrity of the market
  • F.M.Cs and P.I.Cs act with due diligence and care in the interest of the UCITS under management and the integrity of the market.
  • F.M.Cs and P.I.Cs take measures to avoid situations of conflict of interest
  • F.M.Cs and P.I.Cs follow all regulations in force regarding their conduct of business and take all appropriate measures to ensure the interests of their clients and the integrity of the market.



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